Katherine Heigel’s Daughter Naleigh Is A Little Fashionista

#7775751 Actress Katherine Heigl joined her husband singer Josh Kelley on a stroll with their daughter Naleigh through their Los Feliz, California neighborhood on August 23, 2011. The family of three stopped for drinks at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf before heading to lunch at Little Dom’s restaurant where they dined outside. After lunch they headed back home. Katherine Heigel has revealed that her three-year-old Naleigh is a “girly girl” who loves shoes and clothes!

“I had my stylist over and we were working on my outfit tonight, and we had a slew of beautiful shoes, jewelry and clothes,” Katherine says. “Naleigh loves clothes. She’s a total girly girl, and she put on these crazy stiletto shoes and could walk in them!

“She’s three years old and her foot is this big, but she could like walk around in these stilettos that I think are impossible to walk in!”

Heigel says little Naleigh is “really chatty now” and already has “this whole attitude.”

“Not a bad attitude,” Heigel adds.

“But like a very grown-up, saucy attitude that blows my mind. I don’t know where she’s picking it up, and I hope it’s not from me! That would be very upsetting.

“She’s a really daddy’s girl, so she’s always liked [Josh] better than me.

“[But] she has these moments where she just wants me, and there’s nothing more heartbreaking and beautiful than that moment where she calls for me.”

picture credit: Fame