Denise Richards Older Daughters Help With Baby Eloise

Denise Richards takes her girls Lola Sheen and new baby Eloise Richards to cheer on big sister Sam at her soccer game in Los Angeles, CA on October 1, 2011.Denise Richards has revealed her older daughters Sam and Lola love to help out with their baby sister Eloise.

Richards older daughters feed their baby sister her bottle.

“My daughters, Sami and Lola, feel so blessed to be big sisters to Eloise. They love giving her a bottle, picking out her outfit and making her smile. I couldn’t imagine better big sisters for Eloise. I love my girls so much – three is a charm!”

Richards believes that she was destined to be Eloise’s mother because “children choose their parents”.

She explained: “A lot of people ask me why I adopted another girl and not a boy. I honestly had no preference whether I had a son or daughter. I knew what was meant to be would be, and I was blessed with a beautiful baby daughter . The process took two years and there were many times during that I felt discouraged. But I always had faith that the right baby would find us (my daughters and me). I’ve always felt that children choose their parents, and Eloise found me a different way.”

picture credit: Fame