Mel C Gives Parenting Tips

mel c and scarlettMel C who has a two-year-old daughter Scarlet with boyfriend Thomas Starr reveals that her best parenting tip is to get dressed at the last second.

She said: “When you’re pregnant, or when you’re a new mum, everyone’s full of advice. My top parenting tip is to stay naked until you literally walk out the door. The amount of times I’ve been working and looked down to find a big pile of snot on my top … So now I get dressed as I walk out the door.”

Mel C insists being a mother is really hard work but, despite all the various trials and tribulations, it is the most rewarding job.

She added in an interview with more! magazine: “Being a mum is the hardest job in the world, all mums will tell you that. But when you get home after a hard day and you see that lovely little face, or you get woken up in the morning with a massive cuddle, it’s totally worth it.”