Jessica Alba Can’t Stop Kissing and Cuddling Her Baby

Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren with daughter Honor

Jessica Alba is thrilled to have a newborn daughter because she can’t run away when the actress tries to kiss her.

“It’s awesome. I love having a newborn as she can’t run away from me when I want to kiss her.”

Alba and her husband Cash Warren welcomed their second child Haven six weeks ago.

“It was love at first sight. It did take a couple of days for it to sink in that I have another baby! We’re incredibly blessed to have two healthy, sweet little munchkins.”

Although the couple haven’t ruled out having more children in the future, the couple insist they are looking forward to spending time as

“All I ever wanted was to have a big family. There’s probably a fantasy in there for Cash to have a boy who he can rough house with and play sports with because Honor is so girlie. Maybe Haven will be a little tomboy.”

Warren, added, “I think we have a great family unit and I want to enjoy being married again and have Jessica not be pregnant for a while. We want to go back to being a married couple.”