Kim Kardashian Wants Children SOON

Kim Kardashian and new husband Kris Humphries arrive at their hotel in Manhattan as they prepare to begin filming "Kourtney & Kim Take New York." According to family friend Lisa Gastineau, Newlywed Kim Kardashian is already thinking about having children.

“She wants babies. Let’s cross the fingers. And her mom wants her to have babies quick!” Gastineau told Saturday in Hollywood .

Gastineau think Kardashian will be a great mom:

“She will be a great mom!” Gastineau gushed. “She is very nurturing.”

Gastineau is also confident that Humphries is a great family man.

“He adores [Kim],” she told. “I wish that every girl that I know had someone that adores her. Just the way that he looks at her. He’s so cool, he stands up to her. Kim is a little dynamo. It is amazing; it is a fun, fun relationship watching them!”

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