Is Suri Cruise Missing Out On Childhood?

Suri Cruise Missing Out on Childhood

Apparently, people close to the Cruise family have started to think that Suri is being robbed of her childhood. While filling your days with swimming lessons, boat trips, and shopping dates with your mom and a $1000-a-week allowance seems like the perfect lifestyle, it still doesn’t fill the hole where friends and time with your dad normally come in. 

Suri is always with Katie or alone.  The only friends she has are bodyguards.

“I’ve never seen Suri with any other kids around her,” one source explained. “She never hangs out with other children her age, ever.”

Suri reportedly really misses her dad, Tom.

“Tom is working very long hours,” another source said. “He hardly ever gets breaks, so Suri and Katie have never come to visit the set, as far as anyone knows.”