Jennifer Garner and Ben Shoppin’ At The Farmers Market

Jennifer Garner and Ben Shoppin' At The Farmers MarketGarffleck alert! Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were recently spotted at the L.A. Farmers Market. They were probably pickin’ up some healthy foods (they seem like they’d be  the “anti-sugary cereal” kind of  parents) for their two children, Violet (5 yrs) and Seraphina (2 yrs).

While nothing has been confirmed by the couple, rumor has it that a third child is on the way. Hmm. . . What do y’all think about that? Do you think the couple has another baby on the way? I guess only time will tell.

Pssst *whispers* . . . Just between you and me, if there is another baby on the way let’s hope they don’t go the whole medieval route again and name it something like Seraphina — which is, don’t get me wrong, a lovely name 🙂