David Beckham Downloading The Beatles Songs For Unborn Child

It's A Girl For David & Victoria Beckham!

David Beckham has downloaded The Beatles songs for his unborn daughter.  He had downloaded the band’s legendary hits arranged in lullaby form.  Victoria Beckham took to her twitter to reveal:

“David has been downloading music for our baby!” Victoria wrote on Twitter. “Rockabye baby lullaby renditions, so cool! Love The Beatles album!!! X VB”

Rumors have been circulating that the two will call their new daughter Jude, after The Beatles’ track Hey Jude, a suggestion made by one of their boys.

“They’ve narrowed the names to three – and they’re keeping them a secret,” a source said.

“Romeo wants to call her Justine Bieber, which is obviously off the list, but Brooklyn is a Beatles fan and suggested Jude, which David and Victoria actually like.”