Pink Donates Money From Willow Sage’s Photoshoot to Charity

Pink and Carey Hart Out With Daughter Willow

Pink has decided to donate the money from Willow Sage’s photoshoot with People Magazine to charity.

“We will be donating the money to children’s charities, among them one of our favourites, the Ronald MCDonald House, an organisation that houses and cares for the families of sick children so they can be together during treatment, as well as Autism Speaks.”

Pink hopes releasing official pictures will make the paparazzi less apt to chase them for a picture: “Like any parents, we believe our little girl deserves the right to have privacy and be protected…

“We recognize that celebrity has its upsides and downsides and do our best to manage just being people without hiring stylists and bodyguards before one of us goes to the store to buy some milk… But you see, it’s one thing to… (take pictures of us), the adults, the celebrity that signed up for this life, but children should be protected and safe. There should be a clear distinction between us.”