Jason Bateman and Daughter Have Bieber Fever

Jason Bateman and Daughter Have Bieber Fever

While appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman, Jason Bateman announced that he has a bad case of Bieber fever! To make matters worse, the Horrible Bosses star claims that he passed it on to his 4-year-old daughter Francesca.

It’s my fault, I took her to the documentary [Never Say Never],” claims Bateman. “It’s tough. He will suck you right in. It’s like a vortex, I’m looking into my own personal addiction to Justin.”

The good thing is that Bateman realizes his problem and what it may mean in the future.

Bateman compared introducing the fever to his daughter like introducing “the serpent to the garden.”

“She’s singing about these heartbreaking relationships and these passionate bonds at the top of her lungs,” Bateman adds, “It’s cute until she says, ‘Daddy, can you turn that down? We need to talk.'”