Fighting Dry Pregnant Skin

Dry Skin Cartoon

Many pregnant women suffer from dry skin at one point during their pregnancy.   I noticed this problem around the two month period. I remember wearing my engagement ring and realizing, “Ohmigod, I have granny hands.”.  Every part of my body started to get dryer. The worst areas were my hands, legs and face.

So how did I combat dry skin? Applying the right products consistently. Here are two products I swear by:

BLISS High Intensity Hand Cream

Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream - Good for Pregnant Women

BLISS’ High Intensity Hand Cream is truly a miracle.  I tended to use a ‘general’ cream for my hands and body before trying this product. I thought hand creams were a waste of money.  This cream by Bliss really proved me wrong.  When applying BLISS hand cream I noticed it was better suited for the hands. It absorbed and lathered into my skin much better.  I was impressed when it smoothed the driest parts of my hands in seconds.  This is one product I could never give up now. Even my husband loves it!

Korres Guava Butter

korres Guava Butter

I first encountered Korres products at a resort in Mykonos, Greece. At the time, I though the products were divine and took back a whole bunch. Once home, I couldn’t find the brand anywhere. Anyway, about two years ago Sephora started carrying the brand.

So why do I like this brand?

First, every product smells amazing.  The company really exploits the smells of each ingredient used. Secondly, all Korres products are natural. This a plus for any pregnant women.

This particular body butter by Korres is made of Guava and Shea butter.  Guava is an important source of vitamin C. I loved the smell of this product when I first found it.   I usually find body butter too greasy, but this one is not. It  is ideal for the dry legs pregnant women get.  It can also be used on any other dry area of the body.

These products can be purchased at Sephora.

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