Penelope Cruz Shares Secret’s of Post- Pregnancy Body

Penelope Cruz Shares Secret's of Post- Pregnancy BodyPenelope Cruz hit the red carpet to promote her new film, Pirates of the Caribbean, just four months after giving birth to her son Leo. Ever since February, the actress has been spotted on several occasions sporting very fitted outfits right after her pregnancy. Cruz, who is 37, claims that she hasn’t hit the gym once since the pregnancy. This leaves us all dying to know what her secrets are. Penelope says that she has worked hard to get back in shape, but it wasn’t with the help of any type of workout tools.

Recently Cruz told The Daily Mirror, “I love ballet and it’s a little boring for me to go to the gym because I’m used to the dancing discipline. It’s really hard but much more fun.”

Diet is also obviously a big part of Penelope’s envy-worthy body. She claimed that part was easy and that she already had established healthy eating habits. Instead of focusing strictly on what she is eating, Cruz decided to cut down on her workload and focuse most of her energy on being a mommy.

“Being a mother changes you immediately,” Penelope said. “It’s hard to explain because it’s so deep. But it’s the most beautiful feeling I have ever had.”

“Working as hard as I did is not for me any more,” she adds with a smile. “I was exhausted and had nothing to give. You have to live your life to be able to tell other stories. I’m happy I made that decision. I’ve always measured the success of my work by the experience I had, not by how many awards I got. I hope it will stay like that for me.”