Jessica Alba Anxiously Awaiting Newborn

Jessica Alba Anxiously Awaiting NewbornJessica Alba can’t wait the arrival of her newborn baby. She can’t wait until she can cuddle with her new little bundle of joy.

She said:

“They’re little peanuts! They’re just the best. Their smell, and the cuddling! They’re so sweet.”

Before Alba gives birth, she will be throwing her daughter, Honor, a birthday party for her third birthday.

Jessica told People magazine:

I’ve been planning her birthday party. She likes playing dress-up, so there’s definitely going to be a playing dress-up element to it.”

Jessica isn’t too held up on gaining back her body post-baby because she claims that her good genes will be in her favor.

She said:

“My grandmother was amazing. She would go home and would put on the clothes that she wore before she got pregnant with all five of her kids. It’s definitely good genetics, but she also worked through all of her pregnancies. Just being on your feet and moving probably helped.”