Is Suri Cruise Forgetting Mommy Katie Holmes Already? (Photo)

Is Suri Cruise Forgetting Mommy Katie Holmes Already? (Photo)

The current issue of In Touch magazine features the cover story ‘Forgetting Mommy Already.’  The magazine’s cover shows an exuberantly happy Suri swimming alongside her trimmed down and hunky father while on their Disney World vacation last week. It’s a far cry from the sad and sulky frowns we always see on Suri’s puss while she’s out with Katie.

Perhaps Suri isn’t as big a fan of taxis, museums and flying commercial as Katie wants her to be. Or maybe Tom’s lavish vacations are just too damn much to compete with. While in Disney, Tom and Suri stayed in the suite at Cinderella’s Castle. You know the one I’m talking about? That beautiful castle that sits in the middle of the park and even grown women like myself stare wistfully at it hoping it will swallow us whole? Ya, normal people can’t stay there. Apparently, the suite is mostly used for charity events but Suri got to stay there and overlook Fantasyland all night!

I’m definitely going to pick up this week’s In Touch. I want to see the other Disney World pics!  Do you think Tom’s vacations are a ploy to get Suri to ditch Katie and live with him so he can feed her Scientology for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Or are his motivations less sinister and he just wants to make his daughter happy while he gets to see her?


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