Halle Berry Gives Photogs Some MAJOR Attitude

Halle Berry Gives Photogs Some MAJOR Attitude

Oh, snap . . . Halle Berry lost her cool after becoming fed up with the paparazzi when picking Nahla up from preschool.

Do you think Halle is just getting fed up with the paparazzi stalking her daughter’s preschool? After all, nearly all the pictures we post of them are of them either exiting or entering this preschool. C’mon, papzis . . . put away your cameras and give the family a break. (Just not too long of a break, because us bloggers need topics to write on).

It must be hard to be a Celeb with a child that the whole world wants to take photos of. I bet it really does get old after a while. Don’t forget to leave us your thoughts/comments/opinions below if you have any! We love to hear from our readers.



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