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  1. [...] KHLOE KARDASHIAN PREGNANT WITH TWINS! div.buzzworthy_block a {color:#8d0253;} div.buzzworthy_block a:hover {color:#540027;} Khloe Kardashian Pregnant With Twins! BY Mike Raw on July 19, 2011 | Leave Comments | Related : Gossip Links [...]

  2. [...] Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are reportedly expecting twins (Celeb Baby Laundry) [...]

  3. [...] Check out all the details about Khloe’s pregnancy and how they finally got knocked up HERE. [...]

    • Naiomi Ruiz says:

      Yay for khloe & Lamar I’m so Happy & Exicited for the both you! A true Bleesing! Prayers come along way! I know you will be the best Mother! You truly deserve it! Best of wishes! May God keep Blessing with many many more! Love you khloe… Your my fav!

  4. [...] Khloe Kardashian Pregnant With Twins     Celeb Baby Laundry [...]

  5. [...] Is Khloe Kardashian pregnant with twins? – Celeb Baby Laundry [...]

  6. shelly lopez says:

    I think that is so awesome im very happy for them may god bless them and best wishes!

  7. sharon says:

    good for them fck Kimmie’s wedding not goin 2 last anywayz

  8. Eva says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see pics of them.

  9. Dorcella says:

    Khloe children probably will curse alot

  10. lindsay says:

    she will be as big as a bus after having twins!

    • ashley says:

      Yah lots of people are.. Its called Pregnancy and after baby weight..duuuhhhh! shes got millions of dollars to invest in diets clothes and trainers, I wouldnt worry about it too much.,

    • mary says:

      R u trying 2 call her fat,or overweight thats so rude u should be congratulating her not saying shit about her … so wat if she has a lil extra weight she loves the way she looks and so does her hubby so thats all that really matters so fuck off bitch khloe is my favorite person my role model!!!!

  11. sun says:

    What is it with implanting eggs? Can’t they do it the natural way, like having sex. These women have I fertility issues or does. To me it’s sad. mostly all of these Actors are doing it that way. What happened to he old f fashion way. Marriage is a joke to most of these celebrities and end up in divorce. One day they marry and then in a few years they divorce.
    Hope she has a good pregnancy. Yes it’s my opinion. they can live the way they want to.

    • Thato says:

      “Sun” you are so ignorant, yes some people have fertility problems and cant concieve without help, don’t you think if it was as easy as having sex they would have gotten pregnant 2 years ago. Educate yourself about IVF and stop embarrassing yourself.

    • Melissa says:

      You should re write your comment unless you actually think people are using fertility treatments by choice and if you do, you definitely need to educate your self you idiot!

  12. Cedeez says:

    She is so stupid there going to divorce . She’s going to be stuck being baby mama number …. Wat !!! She needs to step her game up that dude is f*kn ugly . All yu can call me a hater. I’m keepin it real!!! Some girls are so stupid ima laugh when I see a magazine saying HEADLINE KHLOE & ODOM GETTING A DIVORE . And all yu stupid people will be like OMG I NEVER SEEN IT COMING THEY WERE SO CUTE .No it’s discusting

    • Ladys says:

      Cadeez, u r so negative!! I bet u have 10 kids with 10 different baby daddies n thts how u see life, cuz no one wants to marry your ass! If u don’t have anything else to do but throw salt on other peoples life, tht u probably don’t even know, take the negativity to one of your baby daddy’s!!! I feel bad for your kids!!!SMH

    • ashley says:

      who cares if they do or don’t, its their life. GET ONE! at least they have one, and they are definately not reading your stupid comments lol there out living a great life with a loving family, huge house, and lots of money and vacations, i dont think they actually care what you or anyone on here says.

  13. kardashian says:

    If you don’t like Khloe, then why are you on this website? I love her and her family and I’m so happy for her! And her and Lamar are not going to have a divorce.

  14. Lesego says:

    I Just love you girls(Kim,Khloe & Kourtney).MAY GOD BLESS Kim and Kris.Khloe,wishing you a healthy pregnancy and can’t wait for you to pop little Lamar and Little Khloe.

  15. hate me says:

    khole is an ass every sinec she cud have sex and her kids would be big already but congrtas to lamar who i love alot and that cunt of khole

  16. Ladys says:

    U r so stupid!!! Take some spelling classes! U r probably a miserable one tht no man can stand u, n thts why u hating!!! Dumbass!!!!

  17. Cedeez says:

    Cuz I can bitchs :) lol

  18. KARDASHIAN says:

    Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching to Success

  19. assumpta says:

    i love khloe n lamar n am happy they r finally getting their wish. i wish her a happy pregnancy. lamar is handsome n khloe is pretty, i cant wait to see the twins.


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