The Garfield Movie: Cast, Release Date & Everything Else You Need To Know

The Garfield Movie

Everyone’s favorite full-figured, orange, lasagna-loving feline is headed back to the movie theatres. Even though Garfield has already had two films made about him, yet another flick is about to hit the big screen. Here’s more information about The Garfield Movie.

The Garfield Movie: The Cast – Who’s Playing Who?

While the part of Garfield has been voiced by Bill Murray in the past, this time around, Chris Pratt’s voice will be used as the main character, headlining a cast of other A-list actors. In the past, Pratt has also acted as the voice of Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Emmett in The Lego Movie. Other voices that round up The Garfield Movie cast include:

Cecily Strong as Marge
Harvey Guillen as Odie
Nicholas Hoult as Jon Arbuckle
Samuel L. Jackson as Vic
Snoop Dogg as Blue Maine Coon
Ving Rhames as Otto

The movie starts at the beginning of Garfield’s story, showing him as a kitten who comes out of an alley to find an Italian restaurant. Little Garfield sneaks in and experiences his first taste of lasagna.


The flick also shows how he meets Jon; however, it then flashes forward to the present day, and that’s when the real story begins. Garfield is reunited with this biological dad, Samuel L. Jackson’s character; he and Odie also participate in a heist that goes wrong.

The Garfield Movie: Release Date In Theatres

Directed by Mark Dindal, The Garfield movie will be open to audiences on May 24, 2024. According to reports, Columbia and Sony chose to push the film’s release date by two months (into the summertime) for wider audience potential.

As such, the flick likely won’t be available for at-home screenings (streaming) until closer to the end of summer. For those willing to hold out and not go to the theatres for this one, Sony has a first-release agreement with Netflix. For fans who want a digital copy to purchase, Sony has a 45-day minimum wait, which would be around mid-July.

Will you go and see The Garfield Movie? Chime in below and stay tuned to CBL for more film news and updates.

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