Little People, Big World Roloff Family Left Tori & Zach Feeling Cold

Tori and Zach Roloff

The Roloff family is leaving Tori and Zach feeling cold. The couple got a chill after they left Little People, Big World after Season 25. They want to distance themselves away from their family.

Interestingly, they didn’t expect such a chilly reception. Keep on reading for more details.

Tori Calls Out Cold Roloff Family

Zach and Tori Roloff have a new podcast where they talk about all things close to their heart. In a recent episode, they discussed gender roles in a relationship.

Zach noted that women are more emotional, in which they share their feelings. They don’t rely on logic and solutions like men do.

Zach also shared that husbands make decisions based on facts. He can see how men and women differ. The couple discusses things with facts and solutions. They never base their feelings on making decisions.

Tori Roloff feels that Zach and his family have “zero emotions, zero empathy, zero sympathy.”

She called them out for being cold. The TLC star claimed they are “so black and white.” There was more to it. Tori admitted that she wanted to rant about his famous family.

Roloff Kids

Zach refuses to listen to Tori. All she wants is for him to tell her that she’s “so right” and to empathize with her feelings. Tori wants Zach to tell her that she’s “so strong for going through that.”

But she’s not the type of woman who married to get empathy from a man. She is aware of her feelings. Tori is just grateful that Zach hasn’t turned into that kind of person.

LBPW Stars Navigate Health Situations

As previously reported, Zach Roloff ended up in the emergency room around Josiah’s birthday. Tori did her best to make his day a special one. During their conversation, she shared that his family hid their feelings. They don’t speak about how they feel, which makes things worse.

Tori felt she had to do the same thing when she married Zach. Whenever she has a problem, she doesn’t address it to him. The Little People, Big World stars handle their health issues differently. Zach empathizes more with their kids because they also have dwarfism.

Meanwhile, Tori is constantly worried about their children. It’s hard for her to see them go through any health crisis. She hopes that she can become a “safe place” for her kids when they struggle. Tori recalls that their son, Jackson Roloff, tends to keep his emotions to himself. But she wants him to be more open with his feelings.

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