Little People, Big World Spoilers: Is Tori Roloff Keeping Zach Roloff Away From His Mother?

Tori Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans of the show feel as if Tori Roloff is continuing to keep Zach Roloff away from his mother, Amy Roloff.

She has gotten a lot of backlash for the way that she keeps him home with her and her family and even on Mother’s Day, Zach wasn’t seen with Amy, unlike the rest of his siblings. Is Tori doing this on purpose? Let’s find out more.

The Roloff Drama

When Tori and Zach found out that their offer on the Roloff property was denied by Matt Roloff, they began to pull away from his family. Tori was very upset with his father and has been rumored to keep his grandchildren away from him too.

Fans of the Little People, Big World always thought that the property would go to one of the Roloff kids, but Matt wants to make money off of it instead.

Zach eventually stopped speaking to his father and Caryn Chandler and he bought a house over an hour away from his family’s farm. He and Tori have also stopped helping during pumpkin season, which the farm is most known for.

Amy Roloff

No matter what Tori and Zach do, they are still getting hate for staying away from his family. Most fans feel as if they need to work things out so that Matt and Amy will still get to see their grandchildren.

Is Tori Trying to Keep Zach Away?

It is clear that Zach’s relationship with his father is strained, but what about the one with his mother? No matter what happened with Matt and Zach, it does look as if Amy is part of this too, or at least Tori is trying to keep him away from his mother.

Amy shared a lot of photos of her special Mother’s Day this year and interestingly enough, Zach and Tori were nowhere to be found in these photos.

In the caption, Amy did mention seeing her son, Jeremy, and Jacob Roloff and their wives. However, she also mentioned that she had ‘talked to Zach and Molly’.

In the comments, there were fans who pointed out to Amy that they thought that Tori was keeping her son from her. One wrote, “Really, Zach couldn’t take time to see you? I’m so over him and Tori!” Other fans chimed in that they would do anything to be able to spend time with their mothers.

It is clear that fans of Little People, Big World feel that Tori does everything that she can to keep Zach away from Amy. Amy did not respond to the hate that her daughter-in-law received in this post, however.

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