General Hospital Spoilers: Is Kelly Monaco Hinting At A ‘Sante’ Baby In The Works?

General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Kelly Monaco, GH’s Sam McCall may have been hinting at a ‘Sante’ baby in the works in a recent social media post.

It was actually Lisa LoCicero’s, who plays Olivia Quartermaine post and Dominic Zamprogna who plays Dante Falconeri was there also.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kidding Around, Or Maybe Serious?

It was a rather hilarious video with Dominic and Kelly kidding around, but holding a very lifelike baby doll who actually looked like them!

Lisa was trying to promote a meet and greet appearance she was planning with Dominic when Kelly slipped in and stole the show in a hilarious and very cute way!

Kelly spotted a life-size baby doll on a nearby set and fetched it, joking about her new baby and the two others played along-Kelly even called Lisa “Grandma”! “Grandma” proceeded to ham it up with the two doting doll parents!

GH Spoilers: A Beautiful, Beautiful Baby

Lisa went on about the beautiful, beautiful baby that Kelly had and was cuddling and showing to the camera-Dominic joined in and piped up and hammed it up with the “baby”.

General Hospital: Dante and Sam

He also called Lisa “grandma” as he said this is our new child, right grandma? The doll, which appeared to be a boy, had dark hair and eyes just like him and Kelly, and Domnic remarked how much their “baby” looks like them!

He grabbed the baby doll’s hand and made him wave, and started joking about bringing the baby to the meet and greet, which many fans got a charge out of.

On the show, it doesn’t seem like Dante and Sam have any plans to try for a baby, although Sam’s an expectant auntie, with her sister Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi) carrying a baby for their other sister.

General Hospital Spoilers: Future Plans?

Dante and Sam’s story logically could be headed for a wedding, considering he came very close to losing his life and that kind of thing draws people together.

He’s also getting ready to be a groomsman for his partner Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). It’s possible that there may be plans to finally wake Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) from her coma, and that could throw a monkey wrench into things.

Lulu will awaken to a very different world, with her children now teens and taller than she is-at least Rocco Falconeri (Finn Francis Carr) is. It could complicate matters if she wakes up just as Dante and Sam plan to make things permanent!

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