General Hospital Spoilers: Will Haven de Havilland Sabotage Deception’s Photo Shoot?

General Hospital: Haven de Havilland (Morgan Fairchild)

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease Haven de Havilland (Morgan Fairchild) might once again sabotage Deception Cosmetics, this time at a photo shoot!

There’s a very important photo shoot for Deception Cosmetics and it may be for a product to be promoted on Haven’s program Home and Heart-the last two times she’s sabotaged.

General Hospital Spoilers: She Targeted Sasha Gilmore Twice-For Publicity!

Haven did very ugly things to target Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) twice-for publicity, to get viewers for her show. The first time it was taking advantage of an opportunity to exploit Sasha’s deep grief for Liam Corbin (uncast infant) to get more bang for the buck.

Sasha and Brando Corbin’s (Johnny Wactor) baby had died barely forty-eight hours old and Sasha was forced to model a strap on baby carrier.

Sasha started to hallucinate the doll in the carrier as her dead baby; Selina Wu (Lydia Look) put a stop to the show that time.

The second time she had crying baby sounds fabricated into Sasha’s ear bud trying to recreate the disaster-Sasha stayed strong but Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) threatened to streak on live TV!

GH Spoilers: Haven de Havilland Would Do Anything For Publicity

Haven would do anything for publicity, regardless of who may be hurt in the process as long as she gets ratings; the last time she lost a client.

Flora Gardens (Susan Batten) refused to appear on Home and Heart any more she was so disgusted over what Haven was doing to Sasha, she walked off right on the air.

This time, the photo shoot is at Deception so Haven won’t be on her own turf-yet, the photo shoot will go horribly wrong; what in the world happen this time?

General Hospital: Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring)

Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) will call Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) out the next day, but this disaster sounds more like Haven’s doing.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Photo Shoot Must Involve Home And Heart In Some Way

The photo shoot must involve Home and Heart in some way or Haven wouldn’t show up there-perhaps they’re filming on location this time, showing how publicity shots are taken.

There is a slight possibility that Sasha won’t be targeted this time, although the next day Sasha will make a huge decision; what could happen?

Based on prior history, Haven likely sabotages the shoot with Sasha as her victim again, and perhaps Lucy is supposed to guard against that and she doesn’t.

Sasha’s huge decision could be to strike back at Haven and do something to hurt her on live TV. Or, she could decide she’s simply had enough and decide to walk off the job like Flora did at Home and Heart!

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