The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Trevor St. John Reveals Tucker’s True Love

Trevor St. John

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) star Trevor St. John revealed Tucker McCall’s true love in a new interview. Tucker is involved with two beautiful women — Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) and Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson). Find out what St. John had to say about Tucker’s debacle.

The Young And The Restless: Trevor St. John Ponders On Tucker’s Love

In a new interview with, actor Trevor St. John pondered on Tucker’s love life. The bad boy of Genoa City might not have it easy, but he can’t complain. He has two gorgeous women fighting over him. Tucker is currently with Audra while Ashley admitted she wants him back.

His former wife still has a hold on him. Tucker is coming to terms with the choice he made. It could come to an end during February sweeps. Trevor St. John shared his thoughts on this love triangle. His character created a master plan that involved “his love affair with Audra.”

Tucker loves the safety that Audra provides him. She is someone he can lean on when times get tough. The two bonded over the years and became best friends. Tucker loves Audra for more than just her good looks.

“First and foremost, she’s really his best friend, if not his only best friend, but certainly his dearest friend, which I think is a nice element to their relationship,” St. John says. “It’s not just because they’re attached to each other and they have a history [plus] she’s beautiful and charming.”

The Young And The Restlless: Trevor St. John (Tucker McCall)

Audra has a tainted past like Tucker. She “understands him and he feels that.” He’s the lone wolf of Genoa City, so he needs someone to turn to. Audra and Tucker feed off each other’s energy that way.

Is Tucker McCall Still In Love With Ashley Abbott?

There’s also the question about his marriage to Ashley. She is trying to stir the pot. St. John noted that “there is always going to be an attachment” to Ashley. However, he’s not sure if she’s the love of his life.

“Who knows? But he’s always going to care for someone who has been that big a part of his life,” St. John noted.

His relationship with Ashley “frustrates Audra too” because she doesn’t want to be “just an option” for Tucker. St. John also addressed whether Tucker has other kids he’s not aware of. He laughed and said that it would make “an interesting idea for a story.”

Before he showed up to Genoa City, Tucker was living the life of a rich bachelor. Fans of the Young and the Restless can’t forget the time he arrived in a helicopter. He could’ve had a secret encounter with a woman in which they conceived a child.

What are your thoughts? Who is the love of Tucker’s life? What are your thoughts on Trevor St. John’s interview? Sound off below in the comment section.

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