General Hospital Alum Kristen Alderson Updates Fans On Life As A Mom

Kristen Alderson

Former General Hospital and One Life to Live star Kristen Alderson had amazing news last week when she announced the birth of her baby girl, Kiera Sky. As her daughter turned one-week old, she marveled at motherhood and her journey to get there.

Kristen Alderson’s Harrowing Labor

On January 27, Kristen Alderson told fans she had gone into labor and the birth of her first child was imminent. However, Kiera Sky was not born until January 29 after two days of pain that led to surgery.

“I couldn’t wait to find out/ live through what her birth story would be, definitely not thinking it would be nearly 48 hours of contractions only to end in a c-section,” Alderson wrote next to a series of photos commemorating Kiera’s first week of life.

Kristen Alderson

However, Alderson confirms that it was all worth it.

Kristen Alderson Is In Awe Of Moms Everywhere

After a week of motherhood, Alderson remains amazed at what moms can do and as she also thanks the team that helped bring her daughter into the world.

“Moms are truly incredible,” Alderson continued.

” I feel honored to be a part of the club. And @crousore , you’re already the best daddy ever and the most supportive partnerWe made her!? Beyond blessed for the love/support of my family (especially my parents for taking us in and being the best help in the world).

” THANK YOU for the love you all sent us during this incredibly exciting time Also shout out to the labor & delivery nurses we had at Abington Hospital Angela, Kaitlyn, and Maria They really MADE the experience absolutely incredible. Dr. Boileau performed my c-section and I could cry just thinking about how kindly she took care of me. I go into detail on the podcast, but that episode won’t come out for a few weeks.☺️ Time to go back to crying to Kiera that I can’t believe she’s a week old already.”

Kristen Alderson came to daytime fame when she was just a child and began playing Starr Manning on One Life to Live. After OLTL was canceled, a young adult Alderson took the character to General Hospital. Although Starr didn’t last long in Port Charles, Alderson also created the role of Kiki Jerome, who she played until 2014.

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