The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Li Runs To Bill, Reveals Luna’s His Daughter, To Ruin His Relationship With Poppy

The Bold And The Beautiful: Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) and Bill Spencer's (Don Diamont)

The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers reveal that Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) is determined to put an end to Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) and Poppy Nozawa’s (Romy Park) relationship.

Will Li run to Bill and inform him that Luna is his daughter to ruin his and Poppy’s budding relationship?

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Li Finnegan Wants Poppy Nozawa Gone

Li doesn’t like to have Poppy in town at all. Li hates all of Poppy’s choices she has made in life. Li acts as though Poppy has the plague or something and isn’t worthy of being around anyone. Li doesn’t want Poppy to be a part of her family or anyone associated with John “Finn” Finnegan’s (Tanner Novlan) family as well.

As far as Li is concerned, Poppy is nothing but a gold digger who doesn’t need to be in Los Angeles trying to find a new man.

Li certainly doesn’t believe that Poppy should be trying to rekindle any kind of relationship with Bill no matter how many years she has known him. Poppy just needs to go away and take her daughter with her.

Bill Spencer Is The One Pursuing Poppy Nozawa

The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers reveal that as Bill pointed out. Poppy is not the one pursuing him. Li can call Poppy all of the names she wants to call her but Bill is the one who is pursuing Poppy and for good reason. Bill has not forgotten about Poppy in all of these years and he wants to get to know her better.

The Bold and The Beautiful: Bill Spencer (Don Diamont)

Bill believes that Poppy is honest and trustworthy. Poppy has raised her daughter by herself and Luna has a great work ethic. Luna is doing an amazing job working at Forrester Creations and everyone seems to love her.

Bill wants to get to know Luna better especially now that he is dating her mother. Bill even wants his boys to meet Poppy and Luna because he believes this is fate.

B&B Spoilers: Li Finnegan Wants To Crush Poppy Nozawa’s Image

If Poppy won’t agree to stay away from Bill then Li will just take things into her own hands. Li has no trouble confronting Bill over her sister.

Poppy is just out to get what she can from Bill. Li may even suggest that Poppy wants money from Bill because she raised Luna by herself. Could Li suggest that Poppy kept Luna from him all these years?

Suppose Li does that math and convinces Bill that Luna is his daughter. That says a lot for Poppy’s ethics doesn’t it? Why would Poppy keep Bill’s child away if she has cared about him all this time?

Can Li convince Bill that Poppy never called him because she was looking for a richer sugar daddy? Will Bill believe anything Li says considering how he knows li has been treating her?

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