The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Bill’s Obsession, Poppy’s Danger-Is Bill Too Possessive?

The Bold And The Beautiful: Bill Spencer (Don Diamont)

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers tease that Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) renewed romance with Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park) may be more of an obsession. To begin with, they only had a one-night stand twenty-something years ago and two new dates so far-he’s already planning a future with her!

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Poppy Nozawa Doesn’t Seem To Want To Plan That Far Ahead

Poppy doesn’t seem to want to plan that far ahead, with anything she does in her life let alone a relationship with Bill, while he seems poised to propose.

No doubt she remembers him although she didn’t even admit to that at first, and they’ve just barely reconnected and he’s already obsessed-but is this a long-term obsession?

Usually, people don’t remember details of a one-night stand as vividly as Bill does-could he be merely obsessed with “the one that got away”?

Obsessiveness and possessiveness usually go hand in hand and it can lead to danger for the object of the obsession-think Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown)! Poppy isn’t even thinking about any kind of long-term relationship, she’s a take-it-day-by-day and-see-what-happens kind of girl!

The Bold and The Beautiful: Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park)

B & B Spoilers: Bill Spencer Is A Lonely Man

No doubt, Bill is a lonely man, trying forever and a day to win Katie Logan (Heather Tom) back whom he’d hurt too many times. Then he tried to get back in Brooke Logan’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) romantic good graces, but she’d already won her destiny back with Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye).

Bill has his sons, but he never sees his son with Katie, Will Spencer (Finnegan George) who’s in boarding school. Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) is moving out of town and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is too busy trying to bounce around between women, neither of which wants him! Besides, his sons are no match for the intoxicating love of a woman devoted only to him there’s a catch.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Spencer’s Far More Serious Obsession Leads To Danger?

Bill is far more serious about this reconnection with Poppy than she is, even though Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada) may be his daughter from that one-night stand years ago.

If Bill is this obsessive at this stage and becomes possessive and Poppy breaks things off, could he become a danger, going off the deep end? It’s a possibility although the last thing anyone needs is Bill going postal-remember, Bill set fire to the Spectra Fashions building with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) in it!

Who’s to say that he wouldn’t go that crazy again there’s still the issue of his odd behavior when he and Liam thought they killed Vinnie Walker (Joe LoCicero). Bill sure acted like he’d had some criminal behavior in his past the way he kept destroying evidence he be far more dangerous than anyone would think.

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