Little People, Big World Spoilers: Clue Audrey Roloff Secretly Competes With Tori

Audrey Roloff

Little People, Big World (LBPW) spoilers tease a new clue that Audrey Roloff secretly competes with Tori. Fans can tell they don’t like each other. Keep on reading to learn more.

LPBW Spoilers: Tori Shades Audrey Roloff

According to the Little People, Big World spoilers, Tori shades Audrey Roloff. She posted a video on her Instagram Stories over the weekend. Some fans think she was throwing shade at her sister-in-law. The funny video was a clip that mocked lifestyle influencers.

Comedian Hayderz was featured in the video. He listened to a health influencer who bragged about their intense fitness routine. Hayderz rested his hand on his chin as he appeared bored. He wrote in the caption: “When someone tells me they run a 5K on a holiday.”

The LBPW spoilers suggest that Tori Roloff mocked Audrey, who is also an influencer. She added the caption: “Do you mean it? Are you okay?” with the laughing emojis. Fans quickly noticed Tori’s shady video. Some of them took to Reddit to react.

Audrey Roloff is known for her love of jogging. She also promotes a healthy lifestyle on Instagram. Fans could see similarities between her and other health influencers.

Tori Roloff

One fan wrote: “Guess Tori won’t be running with Audrey anytime soon or ever.”

A second user commented: Omg lol I love Tori she’s such a real mom/wife it’s so nice to see. She’s 10000000 times better than Adju.”

A third one added: “They’re always throwing shade at each other. I swear Audrey got pregnant on purpose because Tori did first. I don’t think they even like each other.”

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Is Pregnant Again

According to the Little People, Big World spoilers, Audrey Roloff is pregnant with her fourth child. She shared the shocking news on her Instagram page. She bared her baby bump in a floral print dress as she stood with her husband Jeremy and their three kids.

Still, fans think Audrey and Tori Roloff secretly hate one another. They’ve shared many shady social media posts this past year alone. Fans noticed clues that they were secretly competing with one another.

They argued that the reason why Audrey Roloff got pregnant again was to compete with her sister-in-law, who also has three kids with her husband Zach Roloff. She wanted to beat her to the punch even though Tori said she had no interest in having another baby.

What are your thoughts on Tori Roloff’s shady Instagram post? Do you think Audrey and Tori Roloff secretly hate each other? Do you think Audrey got pregnant to compete with Tori? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more Little People, Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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