The Little People Big World Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Puts Herself First Over Her Kids

Audrey Roloff

Little People Big World spoilers suggest that Audrey Roloff put herself first over her kids. She was slammed for her “selfish” behavior during her recent trip. Audrey and Jeremy Roloff took her kids on another vacation.

They can travel as they please since they homeschool their son Ember. However, fans argue they need more structure in their lives. Keep on reading to learn more.

LPBW Spoilers: Audrey Roloff’s Parenting Called Into Question

The Little People, Big World spoilers suggest that fans questioned Audrey Roloff’s parenting skills. The 32-year-old shared a series of Instagram posts revealing that she took her kids on vacation.

Normally, she travels with her husband Jeremy. This time, the couple brought their three children Ember, six, Bode, three, and Radley, one.

Audrey went overboard on her Instagram Stories. She shared a photo of herself sitting at the airport. The TLC star wore an all-white jogging suit.

Audrey Roloff and family

She paired her look with lavender sandals and white socks. A black handbag slung over her chest. There was also a black piece of luggage next to her seat. Audrey wore her signature red hair down and straight with a middle part.

In another post, she shared a shot of her kids sitting on the airplane. She included the caption: “Wish us luck” with the crossed fingers emoji.

Later, Audrey Roloff revealed they made it to their destination safely. She said that they were tired, but their kids behaved on the flight. One LPBW fan shared a screenshot of her most recent post and criticized her parenting.

“Feel sorry for Audrey because she is going on her 20th vacation/retreat this year,” one fan joked. “My my my….life is SO Hard. She is just ridiculous. At this point almost insulting,” another fan noted.

Little People Big World Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Called Out For “Selfish” Parenting

The Little People, Big World spoilers suggest that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s kids need structure in their lives. They always take them on various adventures and trips. Some fans are begging the couple to keep their kids at home, where they need a consistent schedule. Others called out Audrey for acting selfishly.

“These kids are going to struggle if she doesn’t stop living as if she’s the most important,” one fan wrote. “So at this point, it seems pretty obvious one of the main reasons she has Ember doing homeschooling is so it doesn’t get in the way of their monthly vacations right?”

The LPBW spoilers suggest that Audrey and Jeremy’s reason for homeschooling their children was because of the flexibility to take vacations. Some feel that their daughter is missing time out of public school.

Do you agree that Audrey is being selfish for putting her needs ahead of her kids? Sound off below in the comment section.

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