Little People Big World Spoilers: Tori Roloff’s Struggles With Parenting Josiah Revealed

Tori Roloff

The Little People Big World spoilers reveal Tori Roloff’s struggles with parenting Josiah. She shared an update about her one-year-old son.

Tori admits that it hasn’t been as easy as it may look in her picture-perfect Instagram posts. Josiah has outbursts about his health. Tori opened up about the difficulty she’s gone through with her son.

Little People Big World Spoilers: Tori Roloff’s Trouble Parenting

The Little People, Big World spoilers suggest that Tori and her husband Zach Roloff are having trouble with parenting Josiah. She shared a video update with her fans from her Washington home. In the clip, Tori got emotional as she talked about her parenting struggles in her kitchen.

“So, Josiah definitely tends to be our more opinionated soul in the house and it was kind of a rough morning with him, so I had to share this,” Tori explained.

She then changed the subject to show Zach taking their son for a walk. Tori went back to her previous topic about the difficulty of parenting Josiah. The LPBW spoilers reveal that he’s suffered a lot of emotional outbursts lately. His parents want him to be happy amid his health problems.

Tori and Zach Roloff

“Josiah just tends… I think he’s just a really frustrated kid, like tends to get angry a lot faster. Our other kids never really threw tantrums… Josiah tends to do that,” Tori Roloff explained.

“So Zach and I are just trying to navigate how to parent this, because we don’t want to encourage the behavior but then also we just think he’s really frustrated because he wants to be with his older siblings and this morning he really wanted to go outside but he didn’t want to put his shoes on, you know, so we just had a power struggle.”

Little People Big World Spoilers: Tori Roloff Shares Important Message

According to the Little People, Big World spoilers, Tori Roloff wants to remind parents they’re not alone in their struggles. She uses her platform to share family updates. Tori wants to help those who can relate to her story. She admits that she has difficult days just like everyone else.

Tori relies on her faith during those tough days. Those are the times when Tori prays the most. The TLC star admitted that she “just went outside and prayed.” Afterward, Tori allowed Josiah to have a good cry in his room.

Earlier this month, the LBPW spoilers suggested that Josiah was going through a hard time. Tori shared a clip of her daughter Lilah riding in a toy Jeep with Josiah. At the time, she asked fans for prayers. Tori hinted that he hasn’t been happy about his growth spurt.

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