Seeking Sister Wife Update From Sophie Winder Pleases Fans

Sophie Winder

Seeking Sister Wife star Sophie Winder keeps TLC fans updated and this weekend, she shared such a nice post, that many TLC fans liked it. In fact, they think that the family proves that polygamy can work. Of course, that seems like a rare sentiment right now, as Kody Brown’s family from Sister Wives unravels.

Seeking Sister Wife – Colton Winder & His Family

Many people didn’t like Colton when he and his first wife Tami appeared on the TLC show with their second wife, Sophie. For a start, he seemed to really live his faith. And secondly, what’s to troll when people get along with minimal fuss and drama? Finally, those who wanted the family gone couldn’t get their heads around Colton’s very dry sense of humor. Anyway, they left the show after they didn’t find a new wife, and it seemed that Colton felt they had been misled. In fact, he thought that the TLC show would be a sort of documentary.

Seeking Sister Wife fans who follow Sophie on social media get plenty of updates. For instance, the family welcomed three two more children since fans saw them on TV. Recall, that they only had two children, Ephraim and Sadie. Now, they also have Isabella Grace, born to Sophie, and Tami’s new baby girl, Genevieve. As the two wives get along so well, there seem to be few issues of jealousy between them. this weekend, Sophie shouted out to Tami.

Seeking Sister Wife Update – Sophie Shouts Out Tami Winder

Sophie took to her Instagram and shared a nice black and white photo of herself with Tami. In her long caption, she said:

✨Happy Anniversary, Tami! I feel so blessed to have the relationship that we have. When we got married I had no idea how it would be, or what it would be like, but you welcomed me in with open arms, and for that I am thankful. It allowed us to work through so many things together, because we both truly wanted to make our relationship work. Fast forward and add 3 kids to our brood of 4, and I love it when we work so well together to raise our children. They are blessed to have two mothers and a father that love them so much. I am grateful that we work so well together, that we have the ability to live together, and to love and raise our children together.”

Seeking Sister Wife Update From Sophie Winder Pleases Fans
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The Seeking Sister Wife alum had plenty more to say and she talked about how they adapt their lives to make things work. Rather than get all bitter and twisted, they try and do “problem solving” together. Can you imagine Robyn Brown doing this with Christine: Go along on a special double date with Kody? Well, Tami and Sophie manage it. Sophie added, “Thank you for coming and getting a massage with me and Colton today, and sharing our favorite meal together (Benjas Thai food!) 😋.” Finally, she wished Tami a “Happy Anniversary.”

TLC Fans Comment

Seeking Sister Wife fans took to the comments section and they approved of what Sophie said. One of them wrote, “This is the women supporting women kinda vibe i love ❤️.”

Another follower said, “You guys are the epitome of healthy, loving, sincere sisterhood, sister wives. Wish you guys were still on the show, you guys were one of my favs to watch ❤️.”

Do you agree that the Winder family has proven that polygamy can really work? Would you still love to see them in their own show? Shout out in the comments below.

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