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Tori Roloff

Tori Roloff produced three very attractive little kids and TLC fans love to see photos of them. Now, Josiah has started to fill up her social media pages. The new addition exhausted his mom as an infant. However, he grew into a sturdy little toddler who makes for the cutest pix. Definitely, Little People Big World fans don’t seem to mind seeing more of him on their feeds.

Tori Roloff: Josiah Grow In Leaps And Bounds

Recently, Josiah took his first steps, and his mom was delighted. Actually, he wasn’t slow in achieving his milestone. But when he did, he suddenly took off as if he’d been doing it all his life. For a bit, his parents wondered how come he could do so many dexterous things and not be walking. Maybe he secretly was doing just that. Anyway from now on, they probably need to have eyes in the back of their heads.

Tori Roloff showed that already, her son already shows interest in playing soccer. During the summer, Zach spent his time making a room into a miniature soccer field. Her photo reveals that Josiah seems to be the goalkeeper for his brother Jackson. Incidentally, Josiah’s first steps came at the soccer club. Probably, fans will soon see him playing the sport just like his dad and his brother. But for now, Jackson isn’t around as often as he was in summer.

Tori Roloff Enjoys One-On-One Time With Josiah

This weekend, Tori took to her Instagram account and shared some photos of her cute little boy, Josiah. He’s just over one year old now and he looks very sweet, fans agree. He’s blonder than his brother Jackson who started out life with reddish hair. Additionally, his startling blue eyes really stand out. In the first photo, he stuck out his tongue a little bit, something he grew out of as an infant. Still, maybe he was just sassing his mom.

Tori Roloff Posts Cute Extra Time Photos Of Josiah
@toriroloff / Instagram

Tori Roloff shared a second photo that showed the youngest member of the Little People Big World family looking directly up at the camera as he played on the floor. TLC fans liked his little denim jacket. In her caption, his mom said, “Josiah is loving this back-to-school thing too! He gets mom and dad all to himself!!”

Cute PIx of Josiah
@toriroloff / Instagram

Zach’s wife seems to be thrilled that she gets to spend more time with her baby boy. She added, “I love the extra one on one time I get with my dude. 🤗🤍 .”

Missing His Siblings?

Tori Roloff also posted a photo in black and white that showed her son looking a bit tired. Perhaps he misses his two siblings, Jackson and Lilah who go away to school during the week.

Little People Big World Josiah Roloff
@toriroloff / Instagram

Jackson started Grade 1 this year and his little sister went along for the first time. Apparently, she settled in well, and there were no tears or tantrums. Possibly, it helps because her mom used to be a teacher, so she knew how to prepare her child for the transition.

What do you think of the cute photos of Josiah? Do you like it when his mom shares her youngest boy on social media? Do you think that once he starts school his mom might think about another child? Let us know in the comments below.

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