Little People Big World: Is Josiah Roloff Already Playing Soccer?

Josiah Roloff

Little People Big World fans know that Zach Roloff plays soccer and coaches the sport, while his son Jackson has been kicking balls since he was old enough to play the game.

Jackson played since he was a toddler, but is Josiah already learning? Read on to find out.

Little People Big World: Zach Roloff & Jacks0n Play Soccer

One of the most beloved TLC stars, Jackson Roloff, 6, is a soccer player, just like his father, Zach Roloff. Zach is not just a player but also coaches kids in the sport, and Jackson got his love for soccer from his dad.

Since Jackson was a toddler, fans of LPBW have witnessed him trying to play the game. This year, his spring soccer season was a great success, and now that it’s over, he’s learning the fundamentals of baseball.

In the meantime, Zach has made a plan for Jackson to enjoy soccer at home, perhaps to improve his skills.

Little People Big World fans found out that on the last day of summer, Josiah Roloff, 1, took his first unaided steps. Is he soon going to play the sport?

Or is he already into it? The chances of him playing the game seem high, and even his big sister, Lilah kicks the ball around now and then.

This weekend, Tori Roloff shared that Zach did something special for the kids it seems that this winter, Josiah might be neck-deep in soccer games.

Little People Big World: Josiah Roloff On The Football Field

When Josiah learned to walk for the first time, it happened at the soccer club. Now. He might not need to even go outside to play the game.

Tori took to her Instagram and said that Aach was an awesome dad. In a video on her stories, she revealed Zach taping out the lines for indoor soccer.

He’d hung nets on the walls, and the cute little indoor soccer court was child-sized. Jackson helped his dad do that.

Little People Big World Is Josiah Roloff Already Playing Soccer
Tori Roloff / Instagram Stories

Little People Big World fans soon saw that Jackson was keen to play indoor soccer. He played a bit with his dad. And there, in goalkeeper position was little Josiah.

Mind you he seemed to be an observer rather than an active participant. Still, with cooler weather coming soon, it seems that before winter is over, he will probably be kicking a ball with his brother.

Josiah Looks Interested

Little People Big World fans might get to see Josiah playing soccer in the near future. Jackson was slightly older than Josiah when he first started playing.

Mind you, the pandemic shut down the soccer club for a while when he was younger. So, that delayed things.

Roloff TLC Indoor Soccer
Tori Roloff /; Instagram Stories

What do you think of Zach making an indoor soccer field for his kids? Do, you think that soon, Josiah will be running around playing the game with his siblings? Let us know in the comments below.

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