LPBW Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Accused Of Animal Endangerment

Audrey Roloff

The Little People, Big World (LBPW) spoilers reveal that fans accused Audrey Roloff of animal endangerment. She shared another update about their home renovation project, which is still ongoing. Keep on reading to learn more.

LPBW Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Shares Reno Update

The Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that Audrey Roloff shared an update on their home renovation project. She admits that it hasn’t been easy.

It’s caused a lot of fights between her and her husband Jeremy Roloff. Audrey took to her Instagram Stories to share a clip with her followers.

She smiled as she looked at her bread. Audrey smiled as she was satisfied with her creation. The LPBW star admitted that she had to take a “sabbath time off IG,” which was extended.

In the meantime, Audrey has been focused on planning parties, visiting with neighbors, and making tough decisions with the home renovation project.

The Little People, Big World spoilers revealed that she admitted that she’d let some of their animals run around the house during the renovations. Audrey noted that she’s been “tending to the garden/flowers/chickens/cats at our house while not living there.”

Audrey Roloff

Now, she just wants to relax and enjoy some bread. Audrey Roloff concluded her post by adding: “But the loaves were ready to bake so here we go.” She also shared that her husband Jeremy is traveling, which is why she hasn’t gotten any help with the house.

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Animal Endangerment?

The user PyschoTink asked: “Did they leave the cats in the house during the renovation? That sounds stressful for those cats.”

The LPBW spoilers suggest that fans accused Audrey Roloff of animal endangerment.

One fan responded: “They left the cats at the house?!?! During renovations?!???”

Another vehemently stated: “I would NEVER leave my cats like that.” A third chimed in, writing: “I can’t with people who view their cats as home decor and not as family. Not surprising their cats are also purebred and bought.”

Some LPBW fans think it’s weird that Audrey and Jeremy are always renovating their home. This project has been ongoing since last year. Audrey didn’t want to admit it at first to her fans. But, she felt she needed to share an update with them.

What are your thoughts? Do you Audrey Roloff is endangering her animals during the home renovation? Or, do you think it’s fine? Sound off below in the comment section.

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