Audrey Roloff Reveals A Special Outing That Happens Every Three Years

Audrey Roloff

Audrey Roloff reveals a lot about her life, and not everyone likes what they see. Unfortunately, she gets trolled a lot on social media. Anyway, she doesn’t seem to care what people say, as long as she earns from her efforts. This week, she dropped a post that will probably get shredded once Little People Big World fans share it elsewhere. In it, she revealed a special outing that she and Jeremy take once every three years. So, what is it? Read on to find out.

Audrey Roloff Takes Heat Over Her Marriage To Jeremy

Many fans don’t like the way the former TLC star acts as if her marriage is so perfect that God will give her a gold star. Whether things are really that good behind the scenes, isn’t really known. However, she committed her life’s work to making money off her marriage journals. So, she can hardly show that there’s a trainwreck on the trestle. Sometimes, when the trolling gets too much, she might go online and justify how things are with her husband. But even that doesn’t really work, as some people feel that she justifies too much.

Audrey Roloff often posts photos of her kid as well. Actually, many people do the same thing, but folks feel that she overdoes it. In fact, many people accuse her of monetizing her children. Plus, they look for any signs that the kids might be in some sort of danger. Actually, for someone who left the TLC show years ago, she certainly manages to retain a lot of attention. No doubt, Little People Big World fans will be able to find fault with her latest Instagram Story.

Audrey Roloff Goes To The Mall On A Rare Outing

If you don’t know, shopping until she drops isn’t the LPBW alums best-loved activity. In fact, she hates the rush and closed-in feelings, the music, and all the lights. So, she avoids the mall like it’s the epicenter of all the world’s plagues. Anyway, sometimes, she does go along. For instance, she might return a parcel. But there is one time that she goes there with her husband, and she only does that once every three years.

Audrey Roloff revealed herself holding Jeremy’s hand as they walked quickly through the mall. Then, she explained that they go there “every three years” for him to buy himself “a new pair of jeans.” Notably, he only buys one pair.

@Audreyroloff / Instagram Stories

Perhaps she shouted out the rather unexciting expedition as a promo because she added that he wants “Nordstrom” products.

One Pair Of Jeans To Last A Farmer 36 Months

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy live on their own farm. Imagine those jeans lasting for 36 months before he gets new ones. Do you think that he works himself right through the seat of his pants? Let us know in the comments below.

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