Little People Big World: Does Tori Roloff Have More Social Media Success Than Audrey?

Tori and Audrey Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) alum Audrey Roloff beavers away on Instagram posting on her main profile page and on her Stories. Not a day goes by when she’s not posting up stuff. Meanwhile, Tori Roloff seems to post regularly as well. Notably, though, she doesn’t come across as commercializing the platform with desperation. So fans discussed which of them might be getting more success.

Little People Big World Fans Like Tori More Than Audrey Roloff?

Recently, social media followers were discussing which of the two women is more popular. Notably, both of them have critics. After all, nobody is perfect. Actually, those who preferred Tori seem to like that she doesn’t try and come across as perfect. Meanwhile, Audrey seems to be intent on perfection: perfection in marriage, in beliefs, and in lifestyle. Why do people care? Well,  it’s because their husbands, Zach and Jeremy are twins. Plus, they share things in common, like feuding with Matt Roloff over the land they all wanted to purchase.

Little People Big World fans seemed to mostly prefer Tori over Audrey. Actually, that was illustrated recently, when a critic slammed Tori for not getting a professional swim instructor for Lilah. Meanwhile, the person who posted about it seemed to give Audrey kudos for her teaching method while dissing Zach’s wife. Plenty of people rushed to defend Tori and some folks slammed the poster for presenting it that way. At the moment, people are busy discussing and comparing the two women and their husbands and how they perform on Instagram.

Little People Big World: Comparing Tori & Audrey On Social Media

On the weekend, u/LetsBeFriends1983 took to the r/LittlePeopleBigWorld subreddit. There, they said, “I love that Tori has more Instagram followers than Audrey, that’s all.” Well, checking it out, you can see that Tori posted on her profile page 1,959 times and grew her following to 1.9 million followers. Meanwhile, Audrey posted on her profile page 2,492 times and accumulated 1.6 million followers. So, Audrey posted 533 more posts than her sister-in-law, but trails by 300K followers.

Little People Big World Does Tori Roloff Have More Social Media Success Than Audrey
Audrey Roloff and Tori Roloff / Instagram

Little People Big World fans discussed why this might be, and if it worries Audrey. The same criticisms arrived about Audrey trying too hard and lecturing followers on her perfection. Everyone on social media saw them before. One member of the community, u/worldtraveler76 wrote, “Tori is typically more light hearted in her content, she’s also not trying to sell something or preach at you every single time she posts… it’s much easier to watch [Tori;s] social media stuff and she is more relatable in general…Tori grew up quite humbly, while I believe her basic needs were met, her family wasn’t rich or extravagant… just a hard working suburb family…. Audrey grew up with much more extravagance and money, and it shows.”

What About Zach & Jeremy?

Little People Big World fans who think that Audrey possibly seethes that Tori outdoes her, also mentioned that Zach has more followers on fewer posts than Jermey. Some people reflected that folks have short memories once people disappear from social reality TV. Both of them had the same chance at financial success, but Audrey opted to walk away from it. So, she has to work that much harder on social media.

Zach and Jeremy TLC
Zach Roloff and Jeremy Roloff / Instagram

Actually, the 2022 net worth comparison is worth looking at. $300,000 was estimated for Audrey, while Tori’s was more than double that, at $700,000.

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