Prince Louis Steals The Show After The Coronation

Prince Louis

Prince Louis, the youngest child of the Prince and Princess of Wales had a long day when his grandfather, King Charles finally had his coronation. In the past, it was sometimes his big brother, George who stole the show. But this weekend, it was the little guy who amused folks after the big coronation event.

Prince Louis And His Siblings Were At The Coronation

The entire family of King Charles was not present at the coronation. At one stage, there was some speculation that Meghan Markle might be there with her kids, Archie and Lilibet. However, eventually, it was only Harry who went from the USA. And even then, he didn’t stay long. So, he didn’t appear on the balcony to wave at adoring royal family watchers. But, Kate’s young child made up for that by being cute and adorable.

Unlike his composed and pretty eight-year-old sister, Charlotte, Prince Louis couldn’t stand still for long and just wave politely. Instead, he sort of waved but danced at the same time. Actually, many laughs and giggles could be heard in the crowd that watched his antics. Kids will be kids, even if they are in the line of succession to the throne. In the UK, going by social media comments, the coronation was met with mixed feelings. But who doesn’t adore little kids who get up to mischief?

Prince Louis Must Have Been Bored At The Coronation

Fidgeting little boys in church is not a new thing, and for the youngest child of Kate Middleton and her husband, William, the coronation must have felt like an eternity. After the family stepped outside of Westminster Abbey, he looked pouty and tired. However, he later joined the family on the balcony. There, he delighted viewers by singing and dancing instead of waving politely. Next to him, his big sister behaved with decorum. Meanwhile, it looked like his mom almost couldn’t hold back laughter when she saw what her son was up to.

Prince Louis Steals The Show After The Coronation
Royal Family / YouTube

Prince Louis made people laugh as the cameras zoomed in on his antics. After all, it was a long and solemn day for everyone, including those who watched it on their TVs. So, a bit of fun and laughter was very welcome, judging by commenting on YouTube. The caption on The Royal Family channel said, “Prince Louis was his usual mischievous self as he appeared on the Buckingham Palace balcony following his grandfather’s Coronation.”

Reaction In The Comments

The cute little boy got many reactions in the comments section. Here are just a few of them:

Louis was very well behaved in church, I think he gets excited by the noise when he is outside. So cute and entertaining to watch, typical 5 year old😊😊🥰.

Little Louis never disappoints , but on this occasion I give him 💯 ,he really behaved considering he is only five . He is just amazing.”

Little Louis is always a delight to watch, as are Charlotte and George. And no he is not misbehaving, he is a beautiful, bright normal little boy who is enjoying his grandad’s coronation . You go Louis!!!😊❤

I think Prince Louis did well; after all, he’s only five years old. The coronation lasted a long time for a little fellow to stay still.”

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