LPBW Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Shares Breastfeeding Discomforts

Audrey Roloff

The LPBW spoilers reveal that Audrey Roloff has breastfeeding discomforts. She answered fan questions recently on her Instagram Stories. Audrey admitted that it’s been hard to give Radley Knight the milk that he needs. However, some fans think she’s confused about her condition and is spreading misinformation.

Little People, Big World Spoilers – Audrey Roloff Opens Up About Mastitis

One LPBW fan asked Audrey Roloff about mastitis. They wanted to know if she’s ever gotten it while breastfeeding her kids. The fan asked her if it went away on its own without medication. Audrey and Jeremy Roloff share three kids — Ember Jean, Bode James, and Radley Knight.

She posted her response on her Instagram Stories. Audrey admitted that she’s struggled with mastitis with all three children. She included a snapshot of herself breastfeeding one of her sons. The TLC star made it clear that breastfeeding hasn’t always been an easy journey for her.

“I have thick milk and get crazy engorged in the beginning. And yes, I’ve fought it off naturally 17/18 times. The first time with Ember was the only time I did the antibiotics because I didn’t know how to treat it naturally at that point.”

Over time, Audrey Roloff figured out a natural way to treat her mastitis. She used a combination of breast massage, homeopathy, ice after feedings, and essential oils to treat her condition. The mom of three also used supplements that helped with her mastitis. However, she didn’t reveal which ones specifically treated her condition. One fan took to Reddit to share a screenshot of her post with the question, “Could she possibly mix up mastitis and painful engorgement?”

Audrey Roloff

Little People, Big World Updates – Confused On Mastitis?

The Little People Big World spoilers reveal that fans are wondering if Audrey is being truthful about her condition. They took to the Reddit thread to share their thoughts. Some wondered if she was just marketing an MLM business for moms who struggle with breastfeeding. They called her out for “pushing oils.”

“Marketing post,” one fan wrote. “You think she sent herself that to push oils that ‘cure it’ only thing that saved me was antibiotics,” another one added. “Let me guess, she sells oils and supplements through an mlm…” a third one chimed in.

Other LPBW fans called out Audrey Roloff for her “humble brag” post. They think she was trying to show off her big breasts. Others are doubtful that she got a condition from it. Fans are also concerned that she’s spreading “misinformation in regards to breastfeeding.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think she really has breastfeeding discomforts? Or, do you think she’s spreading misinformation? Sound off in the comment section below. Check back for news and updates on Little People, Big World.