The Young And The Restless Star Courtney Hope Gives Fans A Little Insight Into Her Favorites

Courtney Hope

When it comes to our favorite daytime television stars, sometimes it feels like we know everything there is to know about them, and especially if they like to share behind-the-scenes photos and details about their personal life on social media. And while The Young and the Restless star Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra) is certainly one of those soap stars, there’s also so much more than fans probably don’t know about her. Thankfully, she recently opened up to Soap Opera Digest about some of her favorite things in life. Here’s what she has to say.

The Young And The Restless Star Courtney Hope Gives Fans A Little Insight Into Her Favorites

Speaking to the publication in a new interview, Courtney was asked what kind of posters were on the walls of her teenage bedroom. She said, “Jesse McCartney [ex-J.R., ALL MY CHILDREN], Kid Rock and the Spice Girls!”

That’s something that certainly would bring a lot of her fans back down memory lane again, right? Well, if there’s something that we can all relate to when it comes to Courtney’s way of procrastinating. She said that when she feels like doing absolutely nothing, she takes a nap. Ha! While we can’t picture Sally Spectra ever taking a nap, we can see why Courtney Hope loves getting her beauty sleep.

The Young And The Restless: Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra)

That said, Courtney also added that her favorite go-to comfort food is sweet potato fries. When asked what is the screen saver on her phone, she said, “A tarot card with a lion and a woman nestled up with each other and a rainbow over their heads with two waterfalls and stars. It reminds me to never lose my inner strength, my gentleness, and to never stop seeing the beauty and possibility in life.”

The Young And The Restless Star Courtney Hope Hates Taking The Trash Out

And to round things up, Courtney said that taking out the trash is her least favorite household chore. It’s no wonder she’s so relatable! Thankfully we can always catch her every week day doing what she loves the most on The Young and the Restless.

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