The Bold And The Beautiful (GH) Spoilers: Hope Chooses Thomas Again, Will Liam Walk Away?

The Bold And The Beautiful: Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle) and Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson)

The Bold And The Beautiful (GH) spoilers indicate that a big blowup could be coming between Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle). Once again, Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) has come into play and it seems Hope will choose Thomas again over her family. Will Liam walk away this time for good?

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Hope Logan Makes Her Decision About Thomas Forrester

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers reveal that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has put Hope in an impossible position once again. Steffy knows that this will cause problems in Hope’s marriage and the last time Liam cheated with Steffy. Now Hope is being forced to choose between losing her clothing line, and her livelihood or working with Thomas.

Thomas is a sore spot between Hope and Liam and has been for some time. Liam knows that Thomas is obsessed with Hope. Thomas tries to convince people that he is better just to fall back into old habits once again. Thomas’s most recent stunt led to Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) deciding to live with Steffy instead of either of his parents.

The Bold And The Beautiful Updates – Liam Spencer Blows His Top

Liam knows that Hope loves her job. However, Liam also knows what Thomas has done to their family and cannot believe that Steffy has pulled this stunt. How could Steffy continue to push her brother into his family causing more strain on Liam and Hope’s relationship? Steffy knows exactly what she is doing but still continues to support Thomas.

The family was all on the same page. Thomas had been kicked out of the company and Hope no longer had to work with that man who ruined her mother’s marriage. The same man who tried to force his son to lie for him yet again. Hope is not the only person Thomas has hurt. Yet Thomas is right back in the mix.

The Bold And The Beautiful: Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton)

Will Thomas Forrest Destroy This Family?

Thomas’ number one goal for years has been to separate Hope and Liam again. Thomas wants Hope for himself. Thomas wants to reunite the family he and Hope shared with Douglas and live happily ever after. Thomas cannot get what he wants as long as Hope and Liam are together. Steffy is helping Thomas get exactly what he wants.

Should Steffy have more concern for her daughter’s father? Steffy and Liam were married. Steffy knows how much Liam and Hope love each other. Why would Steffy put them in the position to have to choose? Will Hope choose Thomas and her line over her family? Will Liam finally decide he has been through enough and leave?

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