Little People Big World: Why Is Jackson Roloff Reluctant To Go To School?

Jackson Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) fans know that Jackson Roloff loves going to school. In fact, he’s often in his mom’s videos all excited about being with his friends. So why is he slow and seemingly reluctant these days? Is he being bullied? Or is there something else going on?

Little People Big World Jackson Started Big School

In September last year, Zach and Tori took photos and videos of their son as he started in kindergarten after completing Pre-School. At the time, Tori said on Instagram, “I cannot believe we have a kindergartener! He was so excited to go to school this morning! So proud of our baby J!”  Well, he seemed more excited about playing with Lego at school that anything else. Still, he was very excited and loved that it was his day to get the attention. So, what went wrong?

Recently, the Little People Big World kiddo enjoyed a trip to Disney. Actually, some TLC fans felt upset about the family enjoying the theme park. Anyway, they no sooner got the kids home, and off Tori went with some other moms for a solo trip. Meanwhile, the kids stayed home with Zach. When she returned home, she said that her son Jackson was sick. Possibly, he stayed home for a few days. Might that explain his reluctance to get out of the car at school?

Little People Big World: Jackson Is Usually Very Active

This week, Tori took to her Instagram and told her followers that Jackson seems reluctant to get out of the car at school. And, that’s a puzzle for his mom. Toir seemed frustrated and said, “I don’t understand why this happens.” She pointed out that Jackson “runs all day long from point a to point b. he runs around.” Next, she said, “he sprints, he dashes, all the things. Why is it that when I pull up to the drop off, he becomes a turtle?” Making it worse, she seemed irritated because there were about “50 cars” waiting to drop off kids. “

Little People Big World Why Is Jackson Roloff Reluctant To Go To School
Tori Roloff / Instagram

The Little People Big World star used to be a teacher. So, presumably, she understands little kids who seem reluctant to go to school. Actually, there are many reasons why a child might slow down and not be keen on school. Last year, Toir Roloff told her fans that only once ever had she seen Jackson crying and not wanting to be in class. However, she felt a bit guilty because he got to bed too late. Is that the reason why he seemed like a turtle this time?

Kids Might Seem Reluctant To Go School If They Have Been Home Sick

Perhaps the Little People Big World star doesn’t want to be at school because he feels anxious. Alternatively, as pointed out by the  Boys Town website, “Reluctance also tends to be worse after kids have been out on sick days or vacations because they have a hard time going back after missing or being on a break from school for a few days.”

In the case of Jackosn Roloff, both of those things happened. Hopefully, there’s no other reason behind it like bullying.

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