Is The Disney Dining Plan Coming Back In 2023?

Disney Dining Plan

Disney is expensive for families, but that’s not to say that it’s not worth it, at least once in a lifetime. But, if you prepare ahead of time, and take advantage of the many savings that are out there, it may be many more times that you get to meet Mickey and his friends.

Disney Spoilers – Disney Dining Plans

An awesome way to get great value and budget for meals, without losing quality, flexibility, and choice, is Disney Dining Plans, only available to Disney hotel guests. You have to book in advance, but you get to choose from 100 different restaurants around the Walt Disney World resort. And, on top of that, Disney makes it so easy by loading your meal entitlements on a MagicBand or a card. You just touch it and point when you purchase a meal, and your server will provide you with a recent showing the amount you used. Just imagine all the convenience. You don’t have to make your dining reservations 60 days before like other people. You don’t have to carry cash around, and you can budget in advance. And, whether you want to do some fine dining, dinner with Mickey, special dietary restrictions, or a healthy alternative, Disney’s Dining Plan has it. Aside from the meals, there are fabulous non-alcoholic drinks; milkshakes, smoothies, mocktails, sodas, coffee, and tea. If that is not your thing, choose some beer, cider, wines, and fabulous cocktails.

Chef Mickey

Disney Updates – Disney Dining Plans Will Return

Due to COVID, Disney Dining Plans were temporarily suspended, along with some other stuff. Since then, Disney has brought back many of the things that were put on pause, except for the Disney Dining Plans and Disney fans are really anticipating the return. Over a year ago, Disney announced that Disney Dining Plans would be returning soon, but so far nada. Some fans are saying that the budget meal plan is canceled, but that is not the case. The plan is lucrative for Disney and they have no plans to get rid of it. The Dining Plan keeps guests at Disney, which means they are spending money on other things in the park and not heading over to Universal or Sea World. Other fans believe that food inflation is the reason why Disney is hesitant to bring back the Disney Dining Plan. Chef Mickey’s returns to a buffet in March 2023 and the buffet at Tusker House also recently returned.

The Disney Dining Plan is profitable for Disney, it is not just a perk for guests. The Disney Dining Plan will return, but Disney is just not quite ready to share with guests on the timing. Hopefully seeing the buffets return is a good sign that the Disney Dining Plans are not far behind.

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