Hallmark Channel Renews The Way Home

Hallmark: The Way Home

The Way home spoilers, news, and updates tease that the network has renewed the series for another season.

According to reports, Hallmark Channel has renewed the family drama series The Way Home for a second season. The series stars several highly rated actors like Chyler Leigh, who plays Kat Landry. Leigh is also known for her role as Lexie Grey in the ABC drama Grey’s Anatomy.

The series also stars Sadie Laflamme-Snow, who plays Alice Dahwan, a teenager who can time travel. Alice is the daughter of Kat Landry. Another star in this series is Andie MacDowell, who plays Delilah “Del” Landry, Kat’s mother and, of course, Alice’s grandmother.

The series revolves around this three generations of women – Del, Kat, and Alice. As mentioned, she can time travel, and she eventually was able to meet her family in the past.

Hallmark Channel Spoilers – More background To The Way Home

According to the description, Kat had moved away from the town she grew up in more than 20 years ago. Up to this day, she is still estranged from her mother Delilah. And then, one day, she decided to move back to her hometown, and this time, Alice was with her.

When the mother-daughter tandem discovered that Alice could time travel, they wanted to learn the truth about some of the mishaps that happened in the past with the intent to resolve them. When Alice is traveling back and forth from past to present, she is guided by her mother’s best friend Elliot (played by Evan Williams).

Hallmark: The Way Home

Hallmark Channel Updates – Its Renewed

There are a lot of things that can still be explored in the series just by reading this short narrative. It’s no surprise that Hallmark Channel renews it for another season. And the theme still upholds the overall theme of the network. Hallmark is known for focusing on series and movies about family as they strive to provide feel-good entertainment to their audience.

According to the EVP of Programming for Hallmark Media, Lisa Hamilton Daly, the audience and the press have instantly loved The Way Home from the pilot episode, and she can’t wait for fans to discover what’s next.

We’re sure that fans are excited to see how the series will unfold in the next season. And how the Landry family will be able to resolve their issues in the past and the present. There could be a lot of conflicts that could happen, especially when it comes to plots that involve time travel.

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