Is Little People Big World Starlet Lilah Roloff Becoming More Like Jackson?

Jackson and Lilah Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) fans often noticed that Lilah Roloff seems rather different from her brother Jackson. But these days, her mom claims that she’s becoming more like her five-year-old sibling. However, it’s a bit questionable whether it’s physically or personality-wise.

Little People Big World: Lilah Vs Jackson Roloff

TLC fans know that Lilah Roloff adores pretty things. In fact, she often gets her mom to dress her up in attractive fairy-like clothing. Plus, she looked completely adorable in her little ballet outfit. The cute kid likes to play with baubles and jewelry and overall, she seems like a very girly little girl. And yet, she also has a streak of competitiveness, and once she nearly caught up to her brother riding on a scooter. Recently, fans loved it because she made off in his little Mule that his grandfather gave Jackson for Christmas.

Little People Big World spoilers also revealed that these days, Lilah can run almost as fast as her big brother. Furthermore, she makes an attempt to kick around a soccer ball, just like her dad. But really, she still has her very own personality. In the TLC show, viewers noticed that Jackson loved kayaking with his dad, but Lilah cried. And yet, her mom claimed that she was just like Jackson.

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Posts Photos Of Lilah

On Friday, Tori Roloff took to her Instagram stories and shared two photos of Lilah. In the first photo, she showed Lilah wearing a jacket just like her dad’s. Standing next to her father she looked very cute, and Tori captioned it by saying, “two peas in a pod.” Of course, there were some differences as Zach didn’t wear a bow on his head.

Little People Big World Lilah Roloff
Tori Roloff/ Instagram Stories

Next, the Little People Big World mom posted up a photo of her standing at an angle and waving at the camera.

Lpbw lilah

Lilah stuck out her tongue, and Tori said, “Also: She’s gone full Jackson.” Actually, at about that age, her son started clowning for the camera shortly before he became a bit camera-shy.

Bowed Legs Like Jackson

Little People Big World fans couldn’t help but notice that in the second photo, Lilah’s ankle looked painfully twisted. Plus, one leg also looked markedly bowed.  Probably, Tori didn’t mean to highlight that unfortunate likeness to Lilah’s brother.

Hopefully, Lilah can avoid painful surgery as she grows older. However, it really does seem as if her legs are becoming bowed like Jackson’s.  Did you notice how her legs seem to be bowing like her brother’s? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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