OutDaughtered Fans Gush Over Heartwarming Photo Of Riley Busby

Riley Busby

OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby always posts plenty of photos showing his daughters, Blayke, Riley, Hazel, Parker, Ava, and Olivia. However, he seems to post more during the holiday season. Out of all of the photos taken at Christmas time, one stands out for the TLC star. When he shared it this week, fans gushed over the heartwarming picture.

OutDaughtered Fans Saw Lot Of Photos Of Riley Busby

TLC fans became familiar with Riley Busby very quickly. Actually, she was also very pretty and very bossy as a little kid. In fact, she managed to bully her siblings when she went through the terrible twos. Fortunately, she seems to have grown out of that stage now. But even when she was a little terror, she always managed to look adorable. Like an angel with a million-dollar smile, she could maybe charm the birds out of the trees if she put her mind to it. This week, Adam shared a photo of his daughter that made her seem peaceful, and fans agreed it was heartwarming.

OutDaughtered fans were already wowed by one photo that Adam shared. In that one, the whole familyposed together for their Christmas greeting. Actually, followers agreed on Instagram, that it was probably good enough to grace the cover of a magazine. In that shot, Riley Paige took pride of place at the front as she cuddled Beaux the dog.  However, that wasn’t the photo that her dad keeps going back to look at.

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Posts A Photo Of Just Riley Busby

Every year, the family goes to the Christmas Carols by candlelight. This year, he shared a photo of Riley holding her candle and staring into the light. In his caption, he wrote, “Just keep coming back to this photo…” Then he shared a scripture: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” Most people who follow the family know that they are Christians, so that’s why he enjoys quoting the scriptures.

OutDaughtered Fans Gush Over Heartwarming Photo Of Riley Busby
Adam Busby / Instagram

OutDaughtered fans loved the photo of Riley and one of them described it saying, “Riley looks so peaceful here, like an Angel. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Merry Christmas to you all 🙏🏻🎄🎁.”

Another follower opined, “Amen… so much beautiful meaning in one picture.”

Others also spoke about the beautiful photo. A follower said, “That is a beautiful picture. Merry Christmas 🎄⛄.”

Excellent Photography

OutDaughtered fans know that Adam Busby didn’t actually study photography at college. In fact, he did a few online courses and also watched YouTube instruction vlogs. These days, he is getting a rep for taking outstanding photos of his family.

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