Little People Big World: Josiah Roloff Lets Tori Know Exactly What He Wants

Little People Big World

Little People Big World (LPBW) fans who follow the progress of Josiah Roloff know that one day, Tori and Zach will probably need eyes in the back of their heads because Josiah is fast reaching the crawling stage. Recently, he turned seven months old and he’s been a bit of a handful for his parents: mainly because he doesn’t sleep well. But, he does have a huge appetite like his brother Jackson at that age. This weekend, Tori revealed how her youngest kid lets her know exactly what he wants.

Little People Big World – Josiah Roloff Seems To Grow Up So Fast

For TLC fans, time seems to pass by as fast as the speed of light. Just the other day, Tori brought her little boy home. At, least, that’s how it feels. Christmas is just around the corner, and already, it seems as if Josiah is there for it. Tori shared a cute clip of his big brother, Jackson showing him the little train under the Christmas tree. Actually, this kid seems to be as bright as a button and probably gives Jackson a run for his money once he’s up on his feet.

Little People Big World fans know from Tori, that Lilah adores her little brother. However, Josiah is rather wary of her because of her enthusiasm. Still, that probably won’t put her off playing with her walking doll brother. When Jackson was born, also yesterday, in TLC time, fans instantly fell in love with him. Next, Lilah morphed from a tiny baby into a young girl in five seconds. And now, Josiah is already demanding his needs, loudly.

Little People Big World Star Says Josiah Yells At His Mom

When it comes to mealtime, Josiah won’t let Tori skimp on feeding him. Already, it looks like he discovered a favorite meal: chicken and mac. Taking to her Instagram stories on Sunday, Tori shared a clip of herself feeding her hungry boy. In her caption, she wrote, “Why does the third grow up so fast?” Then she added, “He’s literally yelling at me for chicken and Mac.” Judging by his face, it’s definitely a winner on the menu.

Little People Big World Josiah Roloff Lets Tori Know Exactly What He Wants
Tori Roloff / Instagram Stories

Little People Big World fans needn’t worry that Tori forgot the other kids. She talked about how neither she nor Zach really “deserve” young Jackson. That part of the clip revealed him reading a storybook before bedtime. Next, she shared a photo of Josiah that was taken by Lilah. Actually, could the family have a budding photographer in the family?

Josiah and Jackson Roloff
Tori Roloff / Instagram Stories

Some people wish that Tori would post more photos on her main profile page. That’s because her kids are all so cute and adorable. Everyone loves to comment when she does post photos there.

The Christmas Photo Of All Three Kids

Little People Big World fans saw that Tori shared a photo on her main profile page of all three children together. They went to visit Santa, and Lilah wasn’t having it. Meanwhile, Jackson held onto his little brother. In her caption, Tori said, “I love these memories we’re making. Let’s hope Lilah recovers. 😬.”

Lilah Roloff Santa
Tori Roloff / Instagram

As the new year is just around the corner, probably, it brings plenty of new videos and photos of Josiah and his siblings growing up together. Hopefully, that’s the case because there seems to be a lot of ugliness in the world. There’s nothing like adorably cute kids to brighten up the day.

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