Little People Big World: Ember Roloff’s Surprise Is A Winner For All

Ember Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) fans who follow Audrey learned that Ember Roloff enjoyed her Christmas very much. Up early on Christmas Eve, she was out and about watching for the trains to run by the farm in Oregon. Then on Christmas Day, her dad gave her a special gift that was a real winner for the entire family. Additionally, she spent time with all of her cousins.

Little People Big World – Christmas For Ember, Bode & Radley Roloff

Audrey often finds a barrage of critics over the way she raises her family. Actually, come to that, she picks up tons of heat for anything that those critics can find. For example, she was slammed for driving g a car with more seats than kids in the family.  It’s not clear why, but perhaps a lot of people hate that she and Jeremy claim to have such a perfect marriage that they sell their books about it. However, even Redditors can’t deny that she raises three gorgeous kids, Ember, Bode, and Radley.

Little People Big World fans know that a lot of thought goes into gifts for Ember and her brothers. Remember the ride-on pony toy that she gave Ember for her 2020 birthday? It’s still in use. These days, Bode and even Radly enjoy messing about it. Actually, Ember’s brother Radley found a little rocking horse under the Christmas tree this year. But Ember, to her surprise, didn’t get a pretend animal this holiday season. So, what was the gift that gave the whole family so much joy this Christmas?

Little People Big World – Ember RoloffDiscovers a Kitten Under A Box

On December 27, Audrey took to her Instagram and shared a lot of photos and videos on her Stories. In the series of clips, Jeremy Roloff placed a kitten under a box by the tree. Along came Ember with Bode and as she lift the box, the kitten ran out. Soon, the kids were all engaging with the cute furry friend. In fact, Radley seemed to love playing with the new pet as much as his older siblings. From the photos, it looks like all the kids were sweet and kind to the playful little kitten.

Little People Big World Ember Roloff Surprise Is A Winner For All
Audrey Roloff / Instagram Stories

Little People Big World fans will probably smile to see that the kitten gave the whole family hours of entertainment. Additionally, the kitten bonded with the family cat, and all tuckered out, it later settled down for a nap. Ember has been raised in a rural environment and she knows how to be kind to animals.  Plus, her mom and dad have never abused an animal. So, we’re willing to bet that Snowflake the kitten found a safe home to live in.

Pets At Christmas Can Become A Problem

Little People Big World fans know very well that each year after the holiday season, the shelters fill up with unwanted animals. However, it’s unlikely that the lucky kitten who now lives with Ember Roloff will be one of them. Judging by the happy day, they will become best friends forever.

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