Little People Big World Spoilers: Will Zach Finally Shut Down Matt?

Zach Roloff

Little People Big World spoilers tease there is a whole mess going on with the Roloff family with Matt, how he is being mean and dis-generous with his children.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Living The Good Life

Zach and Tori are not letting anything get in the way of their happy family. Their children are adorable, happy, and love each other. Lilah just got a new Minnie mobile and she lets Jackson take a ride while she follows him. Josiah is sitting in his jumper, happy. Tori bought the children some Little People toys and in a video, she posted you can hear the children playing with each other and they are so polite to each other.

Little People Big World Updates – The Feud

Matt says he never said anyone would inherit the Roloff farm, he puts it up for sale for four million. Zach claims that Matt screwed the family. The season is around the corner, and the feud is at an all-time high. A few clips have been revealed of the new season. Tori still has a grudge against her father-in-law about the future of the farm, and both she and Zach do not want Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, anywhere near their newest addition, son Josiah. Jeremy and his wife Audrey also have three children, Ember, Bode, and Radley, but it is unsure if they have the same feelings about Caryn. Twins Jeremy and Zach are pretty enraged about their father’s decision, Zach has said that Matt is a “bad grandparent” who does not “value his family.”

Jacob and his wife Isabel welcomed their first child a year ago, them, Molly and her husband choose not to be shown at all on the show or get into what is now a pretty nasty feud.

Roloff Farm

Zach is taking this feud really seriously, he feels either he or his brother Jacob should have taken over the farm. Sadly, Zach and Jacob, no matter how much they want the farm, cannot afford the price tag and take care of their families.

Matt is known as a narcissist, he has spewed terrible things against his whole family over the years and nobody shuts him down. Zach is so upset, will he finally be the one to shut his father down? Matt’s attitude caused him his divorce, but thankfully, Amy is re-married to Chris Marek and is very happy. She loves her children, her new life and home, and her cooking.

Pretty much, Zach has been groomed to take over the farm, but that all fizzled it seems and some of the family blame Caryn.

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