Little People Big World Star Tori Roloff Returns To The Real World

Tori Roloff

Little People Big World stars Tori Roloff and Zach would usually be on the farm in Oregon getting ready for the Pumpkin Season event. But this year, Zach’s brother Jacob sees to that, so they went on a vacation with the kids. Fans saw lots of fun photos of the kids, Jackson and Lilah, and baby boy Josiah wasn’t left out of the fun. Now, it’s time to wind down the vacation and get back to the real world.

Little People Big World – Tori Roloff Explores Washington

Before Matt Roloff and Zach feuded over the sale of the farm, the kids often spent time with their grandpa. Actually, at one stage he even went to Florida on vacation at the same time as his son. Perhaps the budget is a bit tighter now that Zach doesn’t work for his dad. So instead of an exotic location, they went and visited the lake in their new state. Actually, some fans suspect that Tori might feel a bit lonely in Washington as she left a lot of friends behind in Portland. But, she certainly seems to have enjoyed exploring the state.

With a very young child in tow, you might think that the summer vacation was difficult for the Little People Big World mom. However, she seems to be a great parent, despite all the finger-pointing by critics. In season 23, fans gathered together and lambasted her for everything. Previously a favorite, folks didn’t like that she and Zach allowed Jackson to announce their Washington move to Caryn and Matt. This vacation brought little chance to troll her for not being careful with the kids and Jackson wore his life jacket most of the time.

End Of The Summer Vacay For The Little People Big World Family

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, August 30. Tori posted up a cute photo of Jackson in the water. Her caption on that photo said, “Last day of summer vacay: We will miss lake life!” Next, she shared a photo of Lilah and that caption again talked about missing their fun on the lake. She said, “We will miss it so much,” adding. “it’s been so fun exploring Washington.” Naturally, she didn’t leave out little Josiah. Wearing his big sun hat and a cute striped onesie, she said, “This dude has been living his best life this summer!”

Little People Big World Star Tori Roloff Returns To The Real World
Tori Roloff / Instagram Stories

Like so many of her Little People Big World fans, it’s time to put away fun things like summer vacations and get back to the real world. Jackson will be going back to school. No doubt, Zach continues developing his piece of ground. And Lilah and baby Josiah will keep their mom, busy at home.

Fans Comment On Other Vacay Photos

When the Little People Big World stars first arrived at the lake, fans took to the comments on her post on Instagram and gushed about the kids. No matter what happens in the TLC show, Jackson and Lilah will remain firm favorites. In fact, some fans say they only tune in to see the cute kids. Seeing them at the lake enjoying sunny fun brought comments like this one: “SO CUTE!!!!!! That pic of Lilah with her sunglasses is amazing!! 💕 Those are some precious kiddos you have ❤️.”

Another commenter said, “I just love your three babies!!! The cutest ever! 💗 💗💗”

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