Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Celebrates The Little Things

Jill Dillard

Counting On alum Jill Dillard inspires a lot of people who love her can-do attitude. Of course, those who follow the Duggar family also know that she was a victim of her brother Josh. Actually, she could mope and moan about her life, but she doesn’t, and fortunately, her husband Derick sticks by her side, solid as a rock. It doesn’t take exotic destinations or pots of money to make her appreciate life. In fact, she treasures the little things.

Counting On Fans Look To Jill Dillard For Inspiration

Jill and Derick are Christians, but they don’t stuff it down the throats of their followers. Perhaps that’s why people like them. Actually, they seem to live their religion rather than just talking about it. These days they have three adorable kids, and fans find inspiration in the way they raise the kids. Additionally, they love her go-to tips about raising kids. Seven-year-0ld Israel seems like a very sweet big brother to Sam and baby Freddy.

Very often, Counting On fans see that Jill and Derick enjoy getting the boys out in nature. Actually, Jill finds a lot of peace in the natural world. After the trial of her brother Josh, she took a quiet walk with Sam and her dog. In her caption, she talked about how it feels comforting in the natural world. And, she thanked everyone who supported the family during the trial. This weekend, they explored more of nature, and the TLC alum shared about the little things that make her feel so grateful.

Counting On Alum Celebrates The Little Things That Count

In the last week, Jill didn’t go to some exotic destination. However, she did watch the local high school play football. Plus, they belatedly tucked o a birthday cake for Sam. She shared about taking the kids to swimming lessons and eating donuts. One photo revealed her enjoying a cup of coffee with Derick. And, another picture showed the kids enjoying “the fish at Cabela’s.” Posting them all on her Instagram, she captioned the post with, “Thankful for my tribe and our busy, but pleasant weekend together. 💦🐠🐗🏈🤗💞.”

Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Celebrates The Little Things
Jill Dillard / Instagram

Inviting her Counting On fans to interact, she also asked, “What are you grateful for today?” Well, TLC fans love an opportunity to have their say, and a lot of people responded. Clearly, things don’t have to be earth-shattering to appreciate them. One follower talked about being “grateful for coffee, family, & (slightly) cooler weather 🍂🧡🤎.” That also appealed to Jill, who agreed that her favorite is “pumpkin spice latte.” 

Another follower spoke about how their “kitties” give them joy. Meanwhile, another one talked about being happy that right now, they have their precious family. Actually, after the pandemic, almost everyone seems to treasure their family a lot more.

No Kim Kardashian-Sized Wallet Needed For Grateful Happiness

Counting On fans who reacted didn’t talk about expensive luxury yachts or mansions like the Kardashians enjoy. Instead, like Jill, they find their best moments in simply being able to afford a trip to the coffee shop or a treat on a short day trip with the kids.

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