Counting On Alum Jessa Seewald Shares Video About Fern’s Birthday Week Fun

Jessa Seewald

Counting On alum, Jessa Seewald takes some heat from critics about the way she parents her kids. Actually, it’s not confined to her. In the past, her sister, Joy-Anna Forsyth also found critics. However, despite dire warnings about dangerous parenting, all the kids seem to be thriving. Ben and Jessa Duggar’s fourth child, Fern, arrived just over a year ago, and now, her mom shared some of the fun that she planned for her baby girl’s birthday week.

Counting On Canceled But Jessa Seewald Keeps Fans Up To Date

With TLC canceling the show, fans didn’t see their birth story of Fern on television. However, Jessa keeps the videos of her sweet family coming on her YouTube channel. When the fourth baby came along, Spurgeon was five, Henry was four, and their little sister, Ivy had just turned two years old. Unlike Jill Dillard and her sister Jinger, Jessa still shares the faces of her kids. So, just before Fern arrived, fans saw a photo of the three kids brimming with anticipation of a new sibling.

When Fern was three months old, the Counting On mom shared some cute photos of her twinning with her sister Ivy. Sticking with the names of plants, Ivy and Fern looked like a pretty picture together. They each wore matching tartan outfits and fans loved the cute photo. Ivy cuddled her sibling so sweetly. This week, in Fern’s birthday video, all of the kids were featured, and they seemed to enjoy the fun almost more than their baby sister. Spurgeon and Henry helped their mom prepare the gifts, and they showed their little sister how to play with them.

Counting On – Video Of Fern’s Birthday Week

On her YouTube channel, Jessa Seewald first talked about moving into their new home. But, the main focus was all about the littlest kid enjoying her birthday. In the video, she explained that this year, they decided to celebrate each child for a whole week. So, that means that for a week, each day, the lucky birthday kid will get another gift. The second gift that she revealed was a little house tent that both the boys erected. Mind you, Ivy, Henry, and Spurgeon seemed to enjoy it a bit more than Fern who crawled out of it again.

Counting On Alam Jessa Seewald Shares About Fern's Birthday Week
Jessa Duggar Seewald / YouTube

Moving on from the birthday gifts, the Counting On mom shared that Spurgeon and Henry get limited screentime at the moment. Preferring for them to play outdoors, Jessa’s a bit flexible though. So, she allows them to go online for educational purposes. The boys enjoyed fun and education at the same time. Meanwhile, curious Ivy looked on. Even Fern got into it and sat with her own baby book. Fans thought she looked adorable with her hairstyle. Mind you, she also tried to chew on the covers, which means the books all have “teeth marks” on them.

TLC Fans Comment

Counting On fans can’t believe that it’s been more than a year since Fern Seewald was born. One of them wrote in the comments, Happy Birthday Fern!! My goodness, that happened fast didn’t it?? She looks like Henry to me. A.DOR.A.BLE 💗.”

One fan from Calgary wrote, “Happy Birthday to wee Sweet Fern. I love all her nicknames and I love watching all the siblings with her! You both do a great job with your children. They are so kind and thoughtful and caring. Auntie Jordan made a good-looking smash cake, also! “

You can watch the full video below.

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