Bringing Up Bates: Lawson’s Fiance Tiffany Has Major Achievement

Tiffany Espensen and Lawson Bates

Bringing Up Bates fans adore Tiffany Espensen. She’s clever, vivacious, and seems like a lot of fun. So, they were over the moon when Lawson Bates made his girlfriend his fiance. Fans are used to the Bates boys marrying and soon after they, like the Duggars, start breeding babies. However, judging by Tiffany’s latest achievement, she might have other plans on her mind.

Bringing Up Bates – Bates Women And Babies

This year, Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart expect their second child. In fact, she quickly announced the gender. The couple already raises a daughter, Layla and they are totally devoted to her. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t hope for more kids. So, she was thrilled to announce that their next baby will be a boy. She told her fans, “I was totally shocked 😅 We can’t wait to welcome our sweet baby BOY into our growing little family 😍 .” Well, UPTV fans know that Kelly and Gil Bates just love it when the girls breed more babies for them.

Meanwhile, Bringing Up Bates star Erin has children with her husband Chad Paine. They hope for at least 10 kids in the future. Clearly, she hopes to follow her mom and dad with multiple little ones in the home.  However, she worries that she might not be able to carry that many children. In fact, her ovaries are damaged from surgery, so that miracle of many kids might not happen for her. Now, Tiffany Espensen and Lawson are not talking much about kids, but they are both thrilled with her latest milestone.

Bringing Up Bates Star Lawson So Proud Of Tiffany

Lawson and Tiffany shared posts about Tiffany’s amazing achievement. She got her Master’s degree. On her Instagram, Tiffany wrote, “I finished my last class on November 13 and I still can’t believe I completed this. My Masters is in “Christian Ministries” from Grand Canyon University.” Then she explained, “my Bachelor’s is in “Political Science” from Liberty University.” She noted that they were a combination of “Religion and politics.”

Bringing Up Bates Lawson's Girlfriend Tiffany Major Achievement

Bringing Up Bates star Lawson also posted about it and he sounds very proud of his girl. On his Instagram, he said, “Tiff, the hard work, late night study hours, commitment and devotion you’ve put in to conquering this milestone inspires me so much!” Then he added, “You live life with a beautiful tenacity toward each challenge you take on, and a few of the many reasons every person who walks into your sphere feels inspired is because of the positive energy and attitude you radiate.”

Fans Comment

Bringing Up Bates fans commented on both posts. But on Lawson’s, one said, “Congratulations Tiffany! So proud of you! Can’t wait to see what you do next!!!❤️♥️❤️♥️.” Then another fan wrote, “Awww! Congrats to your beautiful girl 🔥❤️❤️❤️.”

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